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Since 2005 V3 Staffing Partners (V3SP) has been serving businesses across America.

V3 Staffing Partners (V3SP) is a full service staffing agency, we are specialized in Executive Searches in all major active job seeker sites (like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, Dice, etc.) to find and deliver the Best, excellent and qualified candidates for your requirements. We interview until we find the necessary passion, skills, and experience of the candidates as no other staffing agencies in America.

For Applicants who applied to our V3SP job listings, we work hard and smart to find the opportunity you deserve depending on the experience, education, and responsibilities which our client is seeking. Once we understand what your expertise are, we will go out and attempt to find or create a situation in which those needs will be satisfied. This is what makes us different from other staffing agencies in America.

We strive to create a long-term relationship based on meeting your requirement needs. We make the search process very easier, many careers start here, at V3SP. It is not just a different way to find and deliver candidates but a better way because your business will:

  • Wider choice
  • Best match in less time
  • New Ideas to the company
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Fresh Talent

Staffing Services

Direct Hire:

If you are looking to fill full-time positions with benefits in your organization then outsource that responsibility to V3 Staffing Partners. We are here to help you get the right talent, which is perfect for the job role. Do not waste any time or money in recruiting for direct hire in a hurry, as you might end up recruiting the wrong candidate. We are here to recruit the candidate after a thorough interview process that involves different levels to select the best talent for you.

Benefits of Direct Hire

  • Pay only after the candidate is recruited.
  • Become cost effective and save time.
  • You will get the perfect talent as we screen the talent for technical, communication and soft skills required for the job.
  • You will get the best talent from us who is worth the time and money spent by you.

Temporary Staffing:

Temporary staffing is becoming very popular in the United States. It provides flexibility to both employer and employee. If you do not want a fulltime role to be filled, but want a candidate who will work for you only for few months then Temporary staffing is the best option. V3 Staffing Partners is here to help you recruit for Temporary staffing. We choose the best individual who is good at the job and wants to work on a Temporary basis. This way there is no issues during or after the Temporary period.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

  • There is lot of flexibility in this kind of staffing solution.
  • Lot of money can be saved as one does not have to pay a lot for a contract staff, when compared to a fulltime employee.
  • Staffing agencies are experienced and have the expertise to hunt for the right talent and fill the position of contract staff sooner than expected.

Temp to Hire:

Temp-to-hire option is one of the best option for the employers who are not sure about the candidature of the employee and they want to make sure before they extend the direct hire offer to the employee. This option would be very flexible solution to get your job filled, without the headache of overextending your own resources to review resumes, interview candidates and extend offers. And what would you do if you lost the best candidate to a competitor during the process? Would you be forced to start the process all over? At V3 Staffing Partners, we’ve already done the hard work for you; we’ve already secured the best candidates. Our experienced recruiters source, select and screen these exceptional candidates then match them to the skills, attitude and aptitude that you request from us at the beginning of the process. The reality is that by the time you pick up the phone to call us, we’re already preparing your employee ready to go to work.

Benefits of Temp to Hire

  • Be confident that the position will be filled with the right kind of candidate as desired by the company.
  • No worry about recruiting or the recruitment process.
  • Be sure of getting talented and experienced candidates.

Business Lines


Our Engineering experts rely on their understanding towards the core concepts allows us to better match skills to jobs. They are specialized in finding the right people with work style that could fit in with your company culture. We at V3 Staffing Partners do intense search to hand pick the skilled Engineering professionals so you can keep the focus on your business priorities at it is a sector with rapid changes and ever evolving environment.

  • Aeronautical
  • Automation
  • Chemical
  • Civil / Structural
  • Designers / Drafters
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Instrumentation / Controls
  • Mechanical
  • Petroleum
  • Plant / Facilities / MRO
  • Project Management
  • Quality / Lean / Six Sigma
  • Sustainability
  • Technical Publications / Writing
  • Testing and Validation

Manufacturing and Production

If you have ever struggled with finding the level of talent needed to excel in your industry, contact the experts at V3 Staffing Partners. Our constant innovation and watchful evolution of best practices, we provide you with right candidates that are virtually unmatched. Our close relationship with professionals from the manufacturing and the production arena has given us more insights about the real time needs, organization's are facing these days enables us to find appropriate candidate for the existing need. Our recruiting team is led by an experienced manufacturing staffing experts that have the proven ability to locate the skilled talent needed for today's high performance manufacturing environments.

  • Production Specialist
  • Assembler/Installer
  • Welder
  • General Laborer
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Production and Warehouse Laborer
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Automotive Technician
  • HVAC Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Quality Control Manager

Information Technology

IT - An industry with constant change and tremendous development. In this arena, it is pretty hard to find - and keep employees with highly qualified and specialized skills. Having a strategic approach towards IT staffing is especially critical and IT talent is at higher demand by literally every organization in today's market. V3 Staffing Partners with its full spectrum of technology staffing services can ensure you to find the critical IT resources and IT consultants to match your staffing needs as we are efficient in getting our clients the top IT candidates with the required technical expertise and skills which could fit their timeline and budget.

  • Database Development & Administration
  • Enterprise Systems Analysis & Integration
  • Network Design & Administration including ITIL,
    ISO27000, Oracle DBA, Windows Administrator,
  • Unix Administration
  • Programming & Software Engineering including Java:
    Core Java, OOPS, Algorithm, Hibernate.
  • Project Management
  • Software Testing & Quality Analysis
  • Technical Support
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Development & Administration

Financial and Accounting

V3 Staffing Partners truly believe that an organization's growth is directly proportional to its numbers. Each state in the US runs on different numbers and require local talent market. Under current employment trends, companies in the Financial and Accounting stream is in need of numberobsessed talent and Individuals who can balance the budget and solve the most complex problems. Our consultants are aware of this shift in the market which ran through the traditional certificate recruiting strategy to V3 Staffing Partners Analyzed Certificate Recruiting.

  • Accountant
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Senior Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Accounting Director
  • Tax Analyst
  • Tax Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Consumer Loan Collection Manager
  • Mortgage Underwriter
  • Mortgage Loan Officer

Warehouse and Distribution

It all starts in your warehouse. Well, much of the process, anyway. A distributor or end user places an order and your warehouse starts buzzing with the sounds of voices, forklifts and loading dock doors. Then you hope your training and protocols make for a safe, efficient environment. Of course, that takes a heck of a team—but one we can help you recruit.

Our staffing consultants have the manufacturing and logistics experience necessary to deliver the qualified people and ongoing talent management to support your staffing needs and move your business forward. We help you identify the best candidates for your team today and get quality candidates quickly. Our consultants work to assure that candidates align with the job, the boss and the company.

  • Forklift Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Logistics
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Distribution, Logistics
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing


Health Care organizations are facing a challenge of constant change in recruiting patterns and we totally understand that the specialized talent comprising the biotech industry, microbiologists, metallurgists, chemists today is elusive. We connect candidates to a wide range of jobs across various industries from lab technician to project manager. We not only use our time to understand the client requirements but also partner with each candidate - to roll out a productive placement. V3 Staffing Partners is specialized in finding - skilled science professionals who can bring positive impact, supplement your needs with high qualified candidates.

  • Biologist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Histology
  • Laboratory
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Medical Records
  • Microbiologist
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Life sciences and Clinical Research
  • Specialty Chemicals/Chemicals
  • Agro & Seeds
  • Quality Assurance Jobs
  • Quality Control Jobs
  • Regulatory Affairs Jobs
  • Research Associate Jobs
  • Scientist Jobs
  • Specimen Processor Jobs

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Mechanical Engineer Engineering Dayton, OH Direct Hire Apply
Lead Structural Engineer Construction Dallas, TX Direct Apply
Maintenance Manager Healthcare Baltimore, MD Temp2Hire Apply
Application Engineer Fastener Denver, CO Direct Hire Apply
Software Engineer AI/ML Information Tech Santa Barbara, CA Direct Hire Apply
Director of Engineering Medical Devices Boston, MA Direct Hire Apply
Production Manager Mechanical Mesa, AZ Direct Hire Apply
Value Stream Manager Healthcare Chicago, IL Contract Apply
Value Stream Manager (Electrical) Healthcare Chicago, IL Contract Apply
Industrial Engineer Logistics Columbus, OH Direct Hire Apply
Director of Supply Chain Logistics Columbus, OH Direct Hire Apply
Building Inspector Civil Atlanta, GA Direct Hire Apply
Construction Manager Construction Houston, TX Direct Hire Apply
Head of Quality Medical Devices NYC Direct Hire Apply
Structural Engineer Construction Las Vegas, NV Direct Hire Apply

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